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Medical Qigong Level 1 (P1)(Certification)
Time: Friday May 27 - Monday May 30, 9 am - 6 pm (32 hours total)
Location: Tai Chi Boxing Association, Colorado Springs, CO (View Map)
Taught by: Tom Leichardt, DMQ (China)
Prerequisites: All are welcome. May be taken for certification or personal practice.
Cost: Early registration of $525 for all four days (32 hours) ($575 after May 13)
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Course Outline
Students will learn the ancient skill of directing body movement, breath and the mind to facilitate deep self healing. Medical qigong level 1 offers ample opportunity to learn a powerful self healing practice, while also diving into some of the ideas and theories behind Daoist energetic medicine. This is an experiential and theoretical course that fully explores Daoist self cultivation practices for health and well being, including exercise modifications to address specific organ and channel disharmonies in the body. Same curriculum as IIMQ P1 course.

More information and course outline.
What other students are saying about this course
"I really enjoyed this class and all of Tom's insight. I have realized a few patterns of my own that, with the help of this course, I was able to change for the better."
- Acupuncture & Medical Qigong student at Five Branches University

"... a very interesting / informative class. A great eye opener regarding Chinese Eastern modalities for health & well-being... After taking this course I am very motivated to continue utilizing the knowledge I was privileged to learn from Tom."
- Medical Qigong student at Five Branches University

"Every little thing in this course has expanded my knowledge and my horizons"
- Asian Body Work & Medical Qigong student at Five Branches University
Registration and Course Information
If you have questions, please contact Tom Leichardt at the Inner Alchemy Center: qigongalchemist@gmail.com

To read more about the course and/or register, download the registration and information form. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!

Certification through the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ)
Your level 1 training can apply towards the Medical Qigong Practitioner certification program offered by the IIMQ, where Tom Leichardt is an authorized instructor.

International Institute of Medical Qigong

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