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Out of Body Experience 3 Day Retreat
Dates: Friday - Sunday, March 11th - 13th, 2016 (12 hrs total)
Times: Fri 7pm - 9pm (2 hrs), Sat 2pm - 6pm (4 hrs), Sun 11am - 5pm (6 hrs)
Location: 1101 S Winchester Blvd, Ste N267, San Jose, CA 95128 (View Map)
Taught by: Thomas Leichardt, LAc, DMQ (China)
Prerequisites: All are welcome
Cost: See registration information below

Why Out of Body Exploration?
There are many benefits to Out of Body Exploration. You can:
  • Accelerate personal growth and development
  • Enhance spiritual awareness & insight
  • Awaken vitality & self-assurance in physical life
  • Open & develop psychic intuition
  • Tap into new levels of creativity & inspiration
  • Explore inner reality with confidence
  • Discover the spiritual truths for yourself
  • Learn Daoist & medical qigong practices
  • Enhance the life you know with spiritual knowledge
  • Learn to use dreams, lucid dreams, and OBE to create the life you want
  • Confirm life and existence beyond the physical body
  • Decrease death fear through personal awareness of non physical existence
  • Create deeply rewarding and exhilarating experiences
  • Gain a deeper sense of purpose, value, personal power, and fulfillment
Course Outline
Join us for several fun filled days of inner exploration as we probe the potentials of going beyond our physical limits. This course will cover topics such as:
  • Creating the proper mental climate for inner exploration
  • The 'anatomy' of an out of body experience (what it looks and feels like)
  • Meditations and techniques for getting out
  • What you may encounter and what you can do
  • Tips and tricks for the inner adventurer

In an enjoyable retreat like atmosphere, we will alternate between theory and applications. We'll spend a good part of our time practicing various meditations, induction techniques, as well as qigong, all of which help us with our out of body explorations.

Registration Information

Registration is for all 3 days (March 11th - 13th, 2016)

  • Early registration: $200 before Feb 1st, 2016
  • Later registration: $225 on or after Feb 1st, 2016
  • Day of event registration: $250 (or $125 per day)

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