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About Intention Setting Rituals

Ritual is a powerful way to focus intention so that it may be brought into manifested physical form more easily.

Rituals may be performed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to health, family healing, business or academic success, or even world peace. You can request a ritual for a specific intention, which will be performed remotely at a set time.

The process begins by connecting via telephone or email to discuss your current situation as well as your desired results. Some simple practices may then be suggested that can be done daily to enhance the success of your intention. After getting clear on the desired outcomes, the ritual is scheduled for a specific time, and lasts around 1.5 hours.

The main ritual formula consists of various offerings, chants, and singing, all of which open a channel of communication as well as alignment with Source energy. Through alignment with Source as well as the forces and principles of nature, the given intention is energized and allowed greater probability to emerge into physical reality.

These rituals are typically done remotely in the practitioner's space which is specifically set aside for such purposes. Rituals are not performed during clinic hours, and should be scheduled by making contact with the practitioner:

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Due to their length, as well as cost and time associated with acquiring the necessary supplies, rates for one ritual are $180.




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