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In External Qigong Therapy, also known as Energy Emission Therapy, a Qigong practitioner uses energy and intention to clear, strengthen, and regulate the client's energetic matrix, addressing specific health conditions or to promote overall health. External Qigong may also be used by Qigong teachers to assist their students in accelerating skills and abilities.

The practitioner initiates an External Qigong Treatment session by a special meditation that creates a safe and nurturing space within which the treatment will occur. Next, the client's condition is assessed via energetic palpation skills. Finally, applying the methods and principles of Daoist Chinese Medicine, the practitioner promotes health and well being within the client's physical tissues and energetic matrix via the practitioner's trained ability to lead, guide, nurture, support, and emit energy. Depending on the specific needs of the client, the practitioner may purge excess, blocked, turbid, and/or stagnant energy from any of the client's tissues, organs and/or meridians. The practitioner may also emit energy into areas, organs, systems, or channels that are deficient and in need of energizing, bolstering and support. Finally, the practitioner will regulate the client's entire energetic matrix, including the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects, via highly specialized energy emission and guiding techniques.

Following the treatment, the practitioner may prescribe Internal Qigong movement exercises for the client to practice on their own time, which will be specific to both the needs of the client as well as the healing initiated in the treatment session. next>

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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Treatments: Benefits
Physical Benefits
  • Deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical restoration
  • Reduced pain, stress, and physical discomfort
  • Increased immune function (fewer colds, less prone to illnesses)
  • Increased vitality and stamina
  • Increased circulation of Blood and Qi (energy)
  • Faster recovery from illness and surgery
  • Increased absorption of nutrients from food and supplements
  • Greater balance, posture, and alignment
Mental & Emotional Benefits
  • Greater focus and clarity of mind
  • Increased confidence and sense of well being
  • Increased sense of personal worth and self value
  • Reduced mental and emotional stress
  • Clearing and transformation of deep-seated emotional traumas and pain
  • Greater emotional integration, balance and harmony
  • Improved awareness of emotional and energetic boundaries
Spiritual Benefits
  • Cultivation of virtue, clarity, balance, inner peace, and joy
  • Increased awareness of life purpose
  • Refined energy, vibration, and alignment
  • Profound feeling of unity with All-That-Is
  • Deeper sense of one's place and purpose in the universe
  • Increased ability to sense and project energy
  • Greater integration of body, mind, emotion, energy, and spirit

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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Treatments: Prescriptions

Internal Qigong exercises may be prescribed to address specific health conditions, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, etc., and are often used as an adjunct to External Qigong Therapy. Internal Qigong exercises are also prescribed to Qigong students for developing and refining their abilities to feel, guide, and emit Qi.

The Qigong practitioner assesses the client's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition through a variety of techniques. Some of these may include assessment via the pulse, tongue, energetic palpation, observation, and questions. Specific Qigong exercises are prescribed based on the practitioner's findings and assessment, as well as the client's intended results.

These prescriptions may include simple movements designed to open the flow of Qi along specific meridians (energetic channels) in the body, or special tones designed to purge toxic Qi from any of the internal organs or systems of the body. For Qigong students, the prescriptions are designed to create openings, energetic development and maturity, aiding them on the path to mastery of Qi.

The prescribed Qigong exercises, when preformed with care and sincerity by the client or student, help create and nurture new patterns of health, vitality, and energy on the physical as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The prescriptions may be practiced by themselves, or used to support and nurture healing initiated with External Qigong Therapy. <previous

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