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Lectures and Meditations by Thomas Leichardt

  OBE Presentation at 2013 CA Seth Conference ~ Complimentary
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Heart Opening Meditation ~ Complimentary
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Out of Body Lectures $30 plus $2 shipping ($8 international)
Contains well over five hours of lectures recorded live at a recent mysticism class. Includes in depth information as well as projection techniques. (5.5 hours of mp3 lecutres on one mp3 CD)
Meditations CD $15 plus $2 shipping ($8 international)
Contains three powerful Daoist meditations. The first is for grounding and rooting, the second is for protection, while the third is for increasing intuition and psychic perception.




Nature does

not hurry, yet

everything is


Lao Tzu

Heart Opening Meditation

Please enjoy this complimentary meditation for opening your heart and allowing your soul purpose to shine. This meditation is a powerful way to allow Source energy to flow through you, so that it can transform you and your life. Regular and daily aligning with Source energy is a powerful way to actualize our highest potential here on earth.

Download Heart Opening Meditation. To download, right click and select save as.

This meditation uses Daoist Chinese Medicine terminology such as "dantians" to refer to energy centers in the body. The lower dantian (LDT) is located below the navel, the middle dantian (MDT) is located in the heart space, while the upper dantian (UDT) is located in the region of the brain. There are some correlations between the dantians and the chakras. The LDT correlates with the first and second chakra, the MDT correlates with the third, fourth, and fifth chakra, while the UDT correlates with the sixth and seventh chakras. The center of each dantian is a powerful focal point of energy. The dantians as well as the chakras are connected via the center core or Taiji pole, which runs through the center of the body, and is a direct extension of Source energy. It is up to us to allow the light of the center core to shine into this world, so that we can actualize our full potential as Source energy in a physical body. This meditation greatly aids in bringing that Source energy to the surface, where it can shine externally to transform us and our lives.